Kayleigh Goldsworthy

Overambitious / Keep The Light On
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Kayleigh Goldsworthy’s story doesn’t begin without music. Her parents met near Syracuse, when her mom auditioned for her dad’s band. Following that origin point, Kayleigh taught herself piano via Tori Amos and Ben Folds, gained early confidence from Gwen Stefani’s badass frontwoman arc, and formed The Scarlet Ending with her twin sister in junior high. After the siblings disbanded in 2011 with publishing royalties and USO tours under their belt, Kayleigh relocated to New York City and began writing what would become her debut LP Burrower. Burrower dropped in 2013, just in time for her move to Los Angeles and transition into work as a hired gun, performing everywhere from Coachella to the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City. Three years after Burrower, Kayleigh moved again, this time to Nashville, joining Dave Hause’s band and continuing her stacked touring career. Her follow-up to Burrower would follow in 2018, the Arun Bali-produced All These Miles EP.

At the beginning of 2020, Kayleigh joined up with Will Yip to start work on her Memory Music debut. During the extended time away from the road, her songwriting grew deeper and mirrored her internal monologue about her place in the music industry, threading together a cohesive narrative with this newfound clarity. Ahead of its unveiling, Kayleigh shares “Overambitious,” an explosive pop-rock exploration of knowing one’s worth, and “Keep the Light On,” a piano-driven ballad that meditates on grace and boundaries in the face of second chances.