Balance and Composure - Too Quick to Forgive

4/11/2023 · MM036

​Doylestown PA's Balance and Composure have returned and released Too Quick to Forgive, an EP that features two new songs - their first since 2017. The EP marks the band's first release for Memory Music and accompanies the announcement of four bi-coastal shows this summer.

Webbed Wing - Right After I Smoke This EP

2/27/2023 · MM035

Put Webbed Wing's Taylor Madison up against some of rock's most celebrated songwriters––he's ready. On their new EP, Right After I Smoke This..., the Philly-based guitarist and singer puts on the kind of unforgettable performance that can take everyday people and turn them into musical heroes for the masses.

For those in the know, Webbed Wing––incomplete without Jake Clarke (drums) and Mike Paulshock (bass)––have long-since reached cult status; the project follows Madison and Clarke's already-decorated career in their band, Superheaven. Here, each member freely flexes their innate genre-bending musicality, taking notes from the likes of The Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, and Weezer.

In just three songs, Right After I Smoke This... channels everything lyrically-gripping about rock music and everything vibrant about pop. There's as much earnest twang in their toolkit as there is snotty skate-park punk and intense metal; it's a celebration of the genre as they've come to love it, resulting in something highly palatable and new.

Flycatcher - Stunt EP

4/4/2023 · MM034

Formed in 2017, Flycatcher's ability to construct sing-a-long melodies and gut-punching instrumentation, while also tackling the dissonance of depression and difficult relationships, proves their power in casting an empathetic, universal eye.

The New Jersey-based quartet, made up of Greg Pease, Justin VanNiekerk (guitar), Jack Delle Cava (bass) and Connor Carmelengo (drums), are known for their undeniably anthemic arrangements. Albums Other Things (2018) and Songs for Strangers (2019) garnered acclaim for their ear-worm choruses, tight textural dynamics and propulsive, driving percussion.

Their latest EP Stunt is all about finding and channeling a more authentic version of yourself, and all the vulnerability that comes with that kind of internal journey. Writing these songs helped the band try out different sounds and new tonal directions, channeling the energy of early-00s indie, with the euphoria of pop and punk.

Heart to Gold - Live at Studio 4

12/9/2022 · MM033

Heart to Gold's Live at Studio 4 session recontextualizes some of the favorites from the band's 2022 LP Tom with help from Studio 4 mastermind & Memory Music's own Will Yip.

Kayleigh Goldsworthy - Live at Studio 4

10/14/2022 · MM032

Kayleigh Goldsworthy returns with her Live at Studio 4 EP, A collection of songs recorded live under the same roof as classic recordings from Billy Joel, Lauryn Hill & Yoko Ono. As part of the Live at Studio 4 series (The Starting Line, The Menzingers, Movements), Grammy Nominated producer Will Yip brings life to the songs in a way that feels equally intimate and stadium-ready.

Kayleigh has spent the last several years playing in the bands of artists such as Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Dave Hause, Bayside, Kevin Devine & more. Her latest album 'Learning to Be Happy' was released in May of 2022 and continues to find new fans.

Fantasy Camp - Casual Intimacy

10/28/22 · MM031

Jonah David has been creating and releasing music as Fantasy Camp since 2012, when he began producing and making beat tapes at age 16 in small-town Pennsylvania. Now based in Wilkes-Barre, and 10 years older, David has built Fantasy Camp into a gothic dream pop powerhouse, celebrating his first label release with Casual Intimacy on Memory Music.

The record comprises seven tracks of bedroom-produced, universe-sized dream pop, lo-fi R&B, indie rock, and electro-pop that document the aftermath of a long-term relationship’s dissolution, and the complexities of dating outside of the parameters of traditional, long-haul partnership. Casual Intimacy captured that weirdness.

David grew up in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and started Fantasy Camp as a faceless project to put out a massive collection of mixtapes and production work. Over the years, he built up confidence and desire for a different pace, and by 2018 started adding vocals to his work. Initially, he would record on his phone’s voice memos function and clean it up on his computer, but over the years he collected equipment to outfit a basic bedroom studio setup.

Earlier releases played within cloud rap and emo rap, but after hitting a creative wall with the genres he switched up his approach, leaning toward his love for The Radio Department, Cocteau Twins, and The Cure. 2021’s Long Way Home introduced this vision, but Casual Intimacy defines and expands it.


9/9/2022 · MM030

Cody Votolato first created JR Slayer (pronounced jay-arr, not junior) as a character and an illustration, a simple, aimless piece of imagination. Over the years, JR Slayer grew to become more and more, a part-time creative catch-all for Votolato after decades of working full-time in the music industry. Now, Votolato is proud to present Not Rotten, JR Slayer’s debut release on Memory Music.

Not Rotten is a five-track indie rock EP that tracks the experience of falling into earth-shattering love—the sort that safeguards its participants from the cruelty and cold of the world around them—and the simultaneous elation and fear that come from inhabiting such bliss. It’s about the possibilities that are unlocked when we care about and show up for others and ourselves in equal measure. Opener and title track “Not Rotten” celebrates this possibility on its bubblegum guitar-pop chorus: “All of the things we thought were rotten/Are suddenly just forgotten,” Votolato croons over a soaring guitar lead.

“There’s so much bad shit in the world, there’s a lot of bad things happening,” says Votolato. “But when you fall in love with someone, you have this feeling that all that stuff can disappear momentarily. Everything goes away but you and this person, and your feelings about them and yourself.”

JR Slayer comes years after Votolato’s pivot away from full-time music work, on the tail end of decades between bands including beloved Seattle post-hardcore outfit The Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love, Head Wound City, Telekinesis, and Cold Cave. Blood Brothers began when Votolato was 15, and at the time was his main and only source of income. “I got fairly burnt out trying to make money as a musician,” says Votolato. “I was struggling for a very long time to have music make me money and be my career. It turned into this very toxic relationship with music.”

He vowed to leave music industry life behind, but continued to write and play music at his own pace after moving to Los Angeles in 2016. Soon, friend and collaborator Andrew Martin pushed him to solidify JR Slayer. Another friend booked a show for JR Slayer at the Hi Hat, and Votolato started performing again. The process solidified the desire to record and release his work. “I really wanted to reconnect with music in the way that I did when I first started playing music, which was more about just needing it to survive in an artistic and soulful way, as opposed to needing it to survive financially,” says Votolato.

Jason Klein (Deaf Club), who plays bass on the record, introduced Votolato to Will Yip, who produced Not Rotten at his Studio 4 in Conshocken, Pennsylvania over two sessions, months apart, in 2021. Votolato credits Yip with many of the album’s melodies, which Yip would hum and Votolato would learn and record. “It was a very traditional producer and artist relationship and process,” says Votolato. Ben Walsh (Tigers Jaw) played drums on the record, and Votolato’s sister Brandi Jo Votolato sings alongside Cody on the record.

After the bright, semi-sweet introduction of “Not Rotten” (“I think the world is gonna die before I do, and if that’s true/I just wanna spend the rest of my time, right here, sitting next to you,” goes Votolato’s opening statements) comes the driving radio rock of “Back When,” soaked with washes of power chords and peaceful nostalgia. “Please put your hands in mine, we’ll walk the stretch of time,” Votolato invites.

“The Only One You Are Left With Will Be You” ratchets up the tempo on a mid-Oughts indie rock banger that wrestles with the difficult work of self-acceptance. “The Fade Out” doubles down with a thrill of Hot Fuss-ready synth-and-guitar rock underneath Votolato’s pleas to keep outrunning the past and old fears: “All time moves slow/Don’t let the tortured days behind you grow,” his voice soars on the chorus.

The piano and acoustic ballad “You Will Never Be Alone” closes the EP with an earnest, desperate pledge to see things through for the long-haul, even as things feel overwhelming: “Take your time to feel it out/I’ll stay right by your side.”

Not Rotten from JR Slayer is a celebration of the feelings, words and musics that give life color and energy to break through the bleakness. It’s due out September 9th on Memory Music.

Queen of Jeans - Hiding in Place EP

6/3/2022 · MM029

Hiding in Place, the new EP from Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans, opens with the springy pluck of a single note on electric guitar, like a ping from a satellite waiting for a response in a long, quiet expanse. Then, Miri Devora’s voice atop guitar and drums: “Hiding in place, conjure your face/Don’t wanna lose my mind.”

This is the title track’s invitation to a four-song study of loneliness, alienation, and the unraveling that comes with those states, but it’s also bookended with moments of levity: joy and romance burst through on second track “Why Hide,” a response of sorts to the title track’s cloistered anxiety. Devora wrote the songs at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 when she had just been laid off from her job of almost 10 years. Her partner, guitarist Mattie Glass, worked 11 hour shifts at a grocery store, so Devora was alone in their apartment for months on end. When they were written, these weren’t intended to be pandemic-specific.

“While these aren’t ‘pandemic songs,’ they carry that weight,” says Devora. “There’s that sense of loneliness and even longing that I think for many have gone hand-in-hand with the pandemic. Hiding in Place is like hiding within these walls that we were confined to, but it’s also about hiding within yourself and not being able to necessarily express any kind of fears or desires you have.”

This is part of what makes Hiding in Place such an apt collection for this moment: with this EP, which follows the band’s 2019 LP If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid, hiding can be a safe release or a painful suppression, depending on the context. That duality—and the complicated nuance of lived experience that it suggests—defines our lives now.

Kayleigh Goldsworthy - Learning to be Happy

5/6/2022 · MM026

By early 2020, Kayleigh Goldsworthy had finally figured out who she was. The long-time hired-gun musician from Syracuse and based in south Philadelphia, who had spent a decade backing up the likes of Dave Hause, Bayside, Frank Iero, and others, was ready to commit fully to a solo career of her own work. The day after New Year's Day 2020, Goldsworthy started recording her second solo LP, seven years after her debut Burrower, with Will Yip at Studio 4 outside Philly.

Then everything changed. The job and life Goldsworthy had pursued since her teen years was ripped away: tours, shows, studio time, even band practices and writing sessions, all gone. Along with those went away a hard-won sense of self. All those things that had given Goldsworthy the confidence and push to believe in herself and her work disappeared.

“I had figured out who I was,” says Goldsworthy, “then this whole thing happened, and I had to figure out who I was again.”

These are the conditions that created Learning To Be Happy, a story of undoing and becoming that begins at what Goldsworthy thought was the end: that assuredness and strength of January 2020. This story unspools over a thrilling, winding saga of scrappy, arena-ready pop rock, charged pop punk, and acoustics-and-piano balladry. The LP’s 10 tracks are often heavy and sometimes dark, but always relentlessly confident and hopeful, threaded through with the sort of bruised optimism that rewards all those who do the difficult work of wrestling with what it means to be happy.

Heart to Gold - Tom

4/8/2022 · MM028

Heart to Gold is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. To be even more specific, they’re three guys from Fridley and Columbia Heights, two towns on the north end of the Twin Cities. These facts are important: the three members of Heart to Gold share an intimate and reciprocal relationship with their hometowns. They celebrate and support one another.

The band’s upcoming second full-length record, Tom, is a swaggering, scrappy punk rock love letter to their hometowns and all the glory, pain, conflict, and reward that come from being of a place and a community and seeing both through, even to bittersweet ends. (Plus, it’s got an I Think You Should Leave reference.) It’s named for and dedicated to their best bud, Thomas Vescio, though his is not the mug leering goofily on the record’s cover. “That’s our bass player Sidian Johnson,” says singer and guitarist Grant Whiteoak. It’s an intentional feint: “It’s kinda silly, we knew people would think, ‘Oh, that must be Tom.’ Nope.”

The music on Tom, which follows their 2018 LP COMP, was written by Whiteoak between early 2019 and early 2021 before he convened with Johnson and drummer Blake Kuether to track at various locations across the Twin Cities, including Tangerine Recording Studio in St. Paul, TreeSpeak Studios in Minneapolis, and Whiteoak’s house.

It’s a fitting process for a record that tracks the formative emotional rollercoaster of life between the Twin Cities and Red Wing, Minneapolis, where the trio went to college. Whiteoak says the central motifs on Tom are deeply emotional. “It’s about maybe feeling not good enough, or just feeling like not appreciated for whatever reasons, whether that’s in your internal emotional capacity or from something external,” he says. “It’s not an emo record, but it’s not a bubblegum pop record.”

It may not be either, but Tom steals from both ends of that spectrum, copping the chipper Midwest energy of The Weakerthans alongside the spacious, expressive emo of American Football and the thrashing, perfectly-ordered messiness of Hüsker Dü. Opener “Gimme A Call” blasts in with Weezer riffing and Whiteoak’s voice, belting and strained, crooning, “If you’re ever feeling alone…” before gang vocals respond, “Just gimme a call!”

Lead single “Respect” launches with vivid major-key crunch and bright chording, with Whiteoak’s furious, pitch-perfect howl: “I wanna bathe in the blood of those who deny that we all just really want the same thing the whole damn time!” A slide guitar lead soars behind the chorus, layering a familiar aesthetic with a humble, rootsy tinge.

Second single “Overwhelmed” is appropriately intense and dark, an anxious anthem for people who can’t control a racing mind. Whiteoak explains it's not so much a woe-is-me track as frustration with an inability to permanently fix things: “It’s more like, ‘I know how to help myself, and we know how to figure it out, but we still deal with these issues,’” he laughs.

Elsewhere, “Tigers Jaw” namechecks the Pennsylvania band over a fitting post-hardcore workout that melts away into a tense, tired outro, as a voice talks through an internal dialogue: “Who you think you are is entirely dependent on who people have told you you are.” Acoustic lo-fi strummer “Capo” showcases a Dallas Green-esque softness in Whiteoak’s vocal range, complementing the thunderous roar heard elsewhere on the record.

Finally, “Mary” brings things to a close. After a mid-tempo punk rock blast to start the six-minute-plus track, a quiet guitar riff and driving stomps lead in a choir of voices, shouting in harmony: “Mary I’m young and able, I wanna get this bread/So I can share it with all, with all my broke-ass friends!” Before a triumphant, volcanic outro, Whiteoak leaves us with the record’s last words: “I’m just a little kid.”

It’s a fitting send-off for a trio of childhood friends from different scenes across Minneapolis, who came up on the DIY aesthetic of The Germs, Nirvana, and The Ramones, the anthemics of Joyce Manor and Title Fight, and a deep love of hardcore. (“We wanna be a hardcore band, but we don’t know how,” says Whiteoak.) Once the band started working and playing around Minneapolis, Whiteoak knew there was only one option: keep Heart to Gold going. “I was basically like, ‘I wanna try doing this or I wanna die,’” he says. The band’s shows continue to draw wilder and more dedicated crowds.

Tom celebrates and bolsters this energy: it is the unmistakable product of an independent punk band putting on for, and being revved up by, their community.

Caracara - New Preoccupations

3/25/2022 · MM027

In certain corners of the world, Caracara's second full-length is one of the most highly-anticipated albums of any year since their 2017 debut Summer Megalith and 2019 EP Better left listeners with jaws dropped and hearts clenched. In the time since, the mostly-Philly-based band released a few standalone singles but behind the scenes, something was brewing and it took mounting global hysteria to bring it all to focus.

New Preoccupations, that long-awaited second album from Caracara, is about singer and guitarist Will Lindsay's relationship with alcohol. “I think what people will be able to hear in this record, and what we hope to say, is that this can’t simply be reduced to a dark and dismal story. We didn’t set out to make a druggy record about recovery, we wanted to examine the journey toward it–to show the ominous weight of the lowest moments, woven in with the rapturous highs that make the lows easier to turn away from. These beautiful moments may be fueled by a substance but aren’t inherently invalidated by it. Just because it ended with you needing to stop doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the memories you made.”

Recorded in Conshohocken, PA at Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip's Studio 4 Recordings, New Preoccupations pushes and pulls with intention––this is an album Caracara wants you to experience viscerally. Lindsay took inspiration from the writings of novelist Jennifer Egan and historian Yuval Noah Harari, while Carlos Pacheco-Perez’s keys, George Legatos’ bass, and Sean Gill’s drums pulled on worlds of contrasting palettes to create “washes of energy” and unusual arrangements.

Former Member - Manageable Scratches

10/27/2021 · MM025

Jason Shevchuk is the mastermind behind Former Member. He’s best known for fronting influential Philadelphia-based hardcore punk band Kid Dynamite and New Jersey’s punk rock outfit None More Black. Will Yip is one of the most in-demand producers in independent music. His credits include a multitude of bands including Quicksand, The Menzingers, Circa Survive, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight. In addition to his production, he also owns Memory Music and is the Head of A&R and Brand Ambassador over at Atlantic’s Black Cement.

This duo has teamed up to make a dramatic and surprise comeback with their second full length release, “Manageable Scratches.” Fans of Shevchuk’s previous projects and the band’s 2018 debut LP “Old Youth” can expect the same grit and songwriting expertise from this fresh batch of nine songs.

Webbed Wing - What's So Fucking Funny?

11/5/2021 · MM024

Following a decorated career with Philly rock group Superheaven, singer and guitarist Taylor Madison meanders into newly-refined songwriter territory with the inception of Webbed Wing in 2018. Joined by Jake Clarke (drums) and Mike Paulshock (bass), the band fully realizes their innate genre-blending musicality.

Webbed Wing’s somewhat simplistic approach to songwriting explores what it means to birth a sad song without fully killing a mood, paired with a soundscape laden with nostalgia and a tasteful pop-rock resurgence. Taking notes from the likes of The Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub, Webbed Wing encapsulates everything lyrically gripping about indie and everything vibrant about modern pop. While also expertly intertwining the heaviness of metal and the earnesty of country, the band blends all these different aspects of their craft into something highly palatable and new.

Between early Webbed Wing releases, like 2019’s Bike Ride Across the Moon (Disposition Collective) and forthcoming recordings on 2021’s What’s So Fucking Funny? with Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip (Code Orange, The Menzingers, Mannequin Pussy, Circa Survive) via Memory Music Label (Bartees Strange, Anthony Green), there’s an obvious level up in production, honing in on Webbed Wing’s natural maturity as both an artist and a creative.

Webbed Wing - Bike Ride Across the Moon

11/5/2021 · MM023

Initially released in 2019, Memory Music has made Webbed Wing's first full-length album Bike Ride Across the Moon available on vinyl for the very first time.

Bartees Strange - Live At Studio 4

10/15/2021 · MM022

1. Jealousy
2. Mustang
3. Boomer
4. Kelly Rowland (Vinyl only)
5. In A Cab
6. Stone Meadows
7. Mossblerd
8. Far
9. Fallen For You
10. Flagey God
11. Ghostly
12. Lemonworld

Anthony Green - Live At Studio 4

7/31/2021 · MM021

Side A
1. Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying to Reach You)
2. If I Don't Sing
3. She Loves Me So
4. Real Magic
5. I Don't Want To Die Tonight

Side B
1. You'll Be Fine
2. Vera Lynn
3. Diamond Eyes
4. Keep Your Mouth Shut
5. Why Must We Wait

Side C
1. Spanish Moss
2. Follow What You Will
3. Changing Shape
4. Babygirl

Side D
1. You're So Dead Meat
2. I'll Miss You
3. I'm Sorry For Everything I've Ever Done
4. Devils Song (This Feels Like a Nightmare)

The Starting Line - The Best Of... Live At Studio 4

8/13/2021 · MM020

1. Up & Go
2. Almost There, Going Nowhere
3. A Goodnight's Sleep
4. Luck
5. Left Coast Envy
6. Hello Houston
7. Decisions, Decisions
8. Cheek to Cheek
9. Quitter
10. Anyways
11. Make Yourself at Home
12. The Night Life
13. The Drama Summer
14. Given The Chance
15. Greg's Last Day
16. Secret Society
17. Leaving
18. The Best of Me
19. Classic Jazz

The Starting Line - Based On A True Story Live At Studio 4

8/13/2021 · MM019

1. Action?
2. Making Love to the Camera
3. Inspired by the $
4. Surprise, Surprise
5. The B-List
6. Bedroom Talk
7. Autography
8. Photography
9. Artistic License
10. Stay Where I Can See You
11. Ready
12. The World
13. Cut! Print It

The Starting Line - Direction Live At Studio 4

8/13/2021 · MM018

1. Direction
2. 21
3. Are You Alone
4. Island
5. Hurry
6. Something Left to Give
7. Birds
8. Way With Words
9. I Could Be Wrong
10. Somebody's Gonna Miss Us
11. Need to Love
12. What You Want

The Obsessives - Monastery

2/12/2021 · MM017

The Obsessives, above all else, write the music that they want to listen to.

Comprised of founding members Nick Bairatchnyi (guitar, bass, vox) and Jackson Mansfield (drums, guitar, keys), their sound has spent the last decade evolving through elements of DIY, grunge, alternative, and math to shape into something that feels the most uniquely authentic to their version of exciting noise. Bairatchnyi’s lyrics emphasize the importance of songwriting’s storytelling aspect, and what pours out of him has a rough edge of urgent specificity. Paired with a soundscape that manages to both punch in its efficacy and shimmer in its intricacy, the sonic chemistry between these two high school friends delivers unmatched, easygoing musicality.

Their arrival took shape through weekender basement shows in Bethesda and the labyrinthine DIY community in Arlington and D.C. before finally making their move to Philadelphia to hit with cornerstone groups like Modern Baseball, ultimately solidifying their place in the scene.

Joined by Ben Kaunitz (guitar, bass) and Coby Haynes (drums, percussion) in 2018, the live lineup has evolved from a sonic rough-and-tumble to a fully collaborative space, encouraging a new era of thematic cohesion. After opening up the creative dialogue beyond just a duo, the band’s sound has been able to make a mature tonal shift in style and form.

Following the release of 2017’s The Obsessives (Lame-O Records), the band has spent a lot of time compartmentalizing and re-shaping their projects. The difference between being 18 and 24 isn’t the world, but at the same time — it is. The Obsessives’ sound has grown up with and around them, and is ultra-specific to what they feel are various catalytic experiences. The determinant factor that sets 2015’s Heck No Nancy (Near Mint Records) apart from 2021’s forthcoming release under producer Will Yip (Memory Music) is an entire set of lives that’s been lived. The best part is — they dig it as much as you will.

Anthony Green - Would You Still Be Live

11/13/2020 · MM016

Cover Photo by Hayley Rippy
Performed by Anthony Green, Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold & Anays Torres
Recorded Live September 2019
Mixed by Keith Goodwin
Mastered by Will Yip

1. Dead Meat
2. Vera Lynn
3. You'll Be Fine
4. Why Must We Wait
5. Keep Your Mouth Shut
6. Changing Shape
7. She Loves Me So
8. Real Magic

Bartees Strange - Live Forever

10/02/2020 · MM015

Coming off the heels of his highly praised EP ‘Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy’ an eclectic collection of reimagined versions from The National’s catalogue, released via Brassland, D.C.-based musician Bartees Strange sets to break new ground with his debut LP ‘Live Forever’ via Producer Will Yip’s Memory Music label in 2020.

Strange grew up in Mustang, Oklahoma, an overwhelmingly white and racist sundown town on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. In Mustang, he says, “I didn’t let myself be seen. I held myself down so I could make people feel more comfortable around me.”

Live Forever is a direct and stunning result of this conviction. It’s impossible to divorce the reality of Strange’s personal trajectory from the intricate and idiosyncratic 11-track saga on record: it spans gentle, Moses Sumney-meets-Yves Jarvis minimalism, Killers-ish indie rock vigor with post-punk cracks in its danceable veneer, the throbbing industrial alt-soul of Algiers, Justin Vernon’s acoustic tenderness, and the volatile, unforgiving production and delivery of Death Grips. Simply put, it is a combination that none but Strange could execute under—and as a result of—precise circumstances.

Seer Believer - Bent

5/29/2020 · MM014

Seer Believer is a band from Denver Colorado that is the outlet for Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Nick Manske. He started writing The debut album 'Bent' in October 2018 and In mid-2019 over weekends and holidays he teamed up with his friends and Gleemer bandmates Corey Coffman ( Engineering, Mixing, Production) And Charlie O’Neil (Drums) to help record the album. Influenced by bands from the Bremerton/Seattle mid ’00’s Music scene as well as artists such as The Velvet Teen, HAIM, Infinite Me, and David Bazan. 'Bent' is meant to be authentic and timeless. Looking both backwards and forwards it is a glimpse into Manske’s life.

Anthony Green - Would You Still Be With Strings

8/30/2019 · MM013

Would You Still Be With Strings is a reimagined version of Anthony Green's 2018 album "Would You Still Be In Love". The songs are fully rearranged by friend and collaborator Summer Swee-Singh, they include trumpet, cello, harp, violin, piano and more.

Caracara - Summer Megalith

11/15/2019 · MM012

Caracara's Summer Megalith made waves when it was originally released in the fall of 2017. Emerging from Philadelphia's burgeoning network of artists used to playing shows in basements, Caracara's sound was already too big for the rooms it was being played in. Early adopters at Pitchfork & Stereogum compared the album's ambitions to artists like Bon Iver & Wolf Parade, while understanding that the band's roots in the DIY, hardcore-adjacent Philly scene made more intense acts like Pianos Become The Teeth and Deafheaven just as likely influences.

Caracara - Better EP

3/29/2019 · MM011

Caracara has always had ambitions past Philadelphia. They could have stemmed from the proj- ect’s genesis: the implosion of former bands, the impact of long-distance communication and travel in relationships, the inevitability of experimentation and expansion. Styles and symbols seem to shift throughout their debut LP Summer Megalith, alternating from shimmering indie to whispers of neo-folk before relishing in the cathartic push of post-rock. This fluidity introduces a band with no point of origin, built from the mysterious clamor of noise as much as they are inspired by it.

On their latest EP Better, Caracara continues to push boundaries. Produced by Memory Music founder & Philadelphia’s own Will Yip, these three songs take all of the cathartic energy of the band’s previous releases and focus them into the best three songs they’ve ever made.

Anthony Green - Would You Still Be A Remix Volume 1

12/14/2018 · MM010

A limited 7" featuring new versions of two tracks from Anthony Green's latest full-length, Would You Still Be in Love. Remixed by Psychic Babble (Colin Frangicetto).

1. When I Come Home (Psychic Babble Remix)
2. Why Must We Wait (Psychic Babble Remix)

Found WIld - S/T

7/20/2018 · MM009

Most people have an individual journey, a path or a fate. This path intersects along the course of life with that of others, while some continue side by side before splitting into divergent directions. Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin have been running together for some time now. While they’ve lived their own individual lives, and their paths have indeed diverged at times, they always seem to come back to one another. Something is there, and for reasons that no one can pinpoint. Perhaps it's best that way. The more mysterious a magic, the more powerful.

Tim and Keith started their professional music careers in a band called Days Away in the early 00’s, and together formed Good Old War as Days Away folded. A lot happened in the 15 plus years they performed and wrote together. During this period Tim delved deeper into the world of drugs and alcohol, while Keith settled down and had a family. Their bond was stretched to the breaking point when Tim left Good Old War and moved to Atlanta, GA after learning he was going to have a child. Tim was still using drugs and alcohol as Keith continued working in Good Old War. Eventually, Tim returned to tour with Good Old War after the birth of his daughter, but couldn’t kick the habit. Heroin was getting the better of him, so he committed himself to working through these issues in treatment. At this point it seemed as though their bond may have endured enough, and would finally snap, but still it held. Tim learned how to manage his inner darkness and finally ended his affair with drugs and alcohol. Following a year of treatment and working odd jobs in the south, he came back to Pennsylvania to reunite with Good Old War. He was back, and with him came honesty and clarity. Through it all the bond had grown stronger.

Keith and Tim began to write together, this time letting Tim’s voice take the lead. They had never worked this way before, and it must have been meant to be, as it worked right away almost effortlessly. The idea was to do something simple, something almost pure, something that could carry the words that were seeds growing inside them, to make manifest such a vessel, together. The sapling was dug up deep inside the dirt of the friend’s souls and planted. Like most things growing in the wilderness of the heart, it was very old and was found wild.

Anthony Green - Would You Still Be In Love

6/29/2018 · Memory Music · MM008

1. Vera Lynn
2. Love
3. You’re So Dead Meat
4. Keep Your Mouth Shut
5. When I Come Home
6. Changing Shape
7. Why Must We Wait
8. A Little Death
9. Real Magic

Former Member - Old Youth

7/13/2018 · Memory Music · MM007

“Of all my bands, this name makes the most sense of all,” explains FORMER MEMBER frontman Jason Shevchuk. “I have a musical past. Anything I do musically comes with baggage. No matter what I do, I’ll always be a former member of something.” Shevchuk messing around on his guitar with no agenda and Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip having the urge to play drums lead to the culmination of their debut album Old Youth which is set for a worldwide release on July 13th via Yip’s very own Memory Music.

The album was co-produced by Yip and Shevchuk. Drums were tracked at the legendary Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA while guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded at different times. From the mesmerizing opening track “Cold Open” to the non-stop head nodding single “Morocco At The In The Morning” to the arousing and anthemic “Prospector” to the downbeat “First Threshold” – Old Youth sounds like what you’d expect out of this duo but vastly surpasses your own expectations.

Jason Shevchuk is the mastermind behind Former Member. He’s best known for fronting influential Philadelphia-based hardcore punk band Kid Dynamite and New Jersey’s punk rock outfit None More Black. Will Yip is one of the most in-demand producers in independent music. His credits include a multitude of bands including Quicksand, The Menzingers, Circa Survive, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight. In addition to his production, he also owns Memory Music and is the Head of A&R and Brand Ambassador over at Atlantic’s Black Cement.

1. Cold Open
2. Peanut Gallery
3. Double Scoop of Trouble (Looking For a Cone)
4. Morocco At Two In the Morning
5. Root Notes
6. Mendoza Line
7. The Fall For Fergie Jenkins
8. First Threshold
9. Prospector
10. Goat of Dover