Former Member - Manageable Scratches

10/27/2021 · MM025

Jason Shevchuk is the mastermind behind Former Member. He’s best known for fronting influential Philadelphia-based hardcore punk band Kid Dynamite and New Jersey’s punk rock outfit None More Black. Will Yip is one of the most in-demand producers in independent music. His credits include a multitude of bands including Quicksand, The Menzingers, Circa Survive, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight. In addition to his production, he also owns Memory Music and is the Head of A&R and Brand Ambassador over at Atlantic’s Black Cement.

This duo has teamed up to make a dramatic and surprise comeback with their second full length release, “Manageable Scratches.” Fans of Shevchuk’s previous projects and the band’s 2018 debut LP “Old Youth” can expect the same grit and songwriting expertise from this fresh batch of nine songs.